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Allah Says in the Holy Quran {Say are those who know and those who do not know alike? Only the men of understanding are mindful}[ Az- Zumer: 9].


Welcome to the Arab Islamic Center for Economical Research and Studies website "AICERS.ORG", which is a nonprofit center specializing in supporting research, studies, reports and consulting services in multiple areas of the economy in the Arab and Muslim worlds; areas such as: conventional and Islamic banking, regular and Islamic Capital markets, traditional and Electronic Commerce, in addition to services related to other aspects such as: methods of electronic trading and promoting through social networks, Fiqh(Islamic Law) Regarding electronic Trading and commerce  and other subjects of Islamic banking and Islamic financial markets development, and others.


The center provides it’s services in cooperation with the finest Arab and Muslim Scholars, researchers, and Academics from the finest universities in the world, as well as for the cooperation of a wide network of experts whom has been working for years in the management of major institutions and companies operating in various economic fields, in order to provide support, advice and the best service to our Clients across the world, operating in the Mena Region in particular, and the rest of the world specially, Asia, Western Europe and the US and Canada, and through ensuring quality and professionalism in the delivery of our services in a fast, easy and direct method, at the lowest possible cost, as well as accepting international cooperation on joint work in research and Economic Studies with other Local or




and Institutions. So we can help in the development of the regional and global economy.


also the Center is proud to provide other free services by getting involved in non profit  Activities and events, based on our strong believe in supporting the  regional and global Financial Industries and economics, specially in the Islamic Banking and Islamic capital markets areas, and to play an active role  in supporting the science and knowledge in the Arab and Muslim world, this is possible through the establishment of our online magazine website, specializing in up-to-date  news, articles, reports, and studies, in Islamic banking, ICMs, Fiqh Moamalat(Islamic Commercial Law), and Islamic economics in general, called the "", to provide an appropriate structure for the delivery of information on the Islamic economy and banking, in order to provide Practical and informative support  to all institutions working in those fields and their employees in particular, or who wish to familiarized themselves with this new and evolving industry, and take advantage of all of those interested in economics and Islamic banking in general. Followed - God willing - by the will to establish several online Scientific magazines specialized in other major areas of the economy, in addition to holding seminars and conferences on various areas of the Islamic Banking and economics, in collaboration with several Arabic media organizations and Global NGOs.


All this is aimed toward providing the necessary knowledge support to improve the industry of Islamic banking in particular and the economies of Arab and Islamic countries in general, to give the world the right image of a prosperous Arab and Muslim World, and a way to achieve prosperity and development locally and internationally, based on our expertise, our diverse human resources, our wide global network of experts, academics, and researchers, and our service excellence. so that we in AICERS undertake  the trip of success and move forward and stay at the forefront of achieving our vision of becoming the leader center of research, studies and consultancy services in the Arab world and Islamic world.


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